Commercial Eco Tile Factory

Our commercial department is dedicated in providing a superior and immediate service to Architects, Designers, Developers and Builders right across the board.

We have a team that is able to source the most exotic and innovative products in both tiles and bathware from anywhere in the world and we are able to do this for any type of budget.

Eco Tile Factory is a leader of both the traditional and contemporary market in regards to Tiles and Bathware with projects worldwide to prove their capability and unique style. We are set up for National and International trade and have supplied tiles and bath-ware to a huge array of commercial projects such as shopping centres, shopping arcades, celebrity residences, pools, apartment developments, hotels and resorts etc. The Commercial Department is also able to supply information and products for technical detailing such as slip resistance, strength ratings, tactile information, durability ratings and a huge range of cleaners and sealers for all types of products. We are also able to custom make designs provided by individuals or Eco Tile Factory for pools, corporate logos or stone work in all types of sizes and styles.

We have design houses in Europe and the rest of the world working on exclusive and cutting edge products to provide us with the most up to date designs that put us in the position of being a unique market leader of individuality.